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Do you find yourself in need of a passport as soon as possible for an exciting vacation outside of the United States or for business overseas? Do you not have the time to wait the months and months that the passport process usually takes? We have great news for you if you are trying to find a way to obtain a passport as quickly as possible. At FB Express, we can get you your passport in 24 hours! We are the answer to your travel problems and have a way to make things happen.

Using all of our resources and expertise, we will get you your passport in no time. Not only do we offer express passports, but we can also provide you with visas, passport translations, and the services of a notary.

At FB Express, we are making life easier for you in Los Angeles, CA. It is a big relief to know that you have somewhere to go when you find yourself without the necessary paperwork and passport for travel outside of the country.

We are the solution to your problem. Realizing that your passport is expired right before a big trip can be devastating. We know that it can knock you for a loop and even bring you to tears. But before you stress out about it, make sure you browse our website and find out what we can do for you. We have you covered. Contact FB Express today and keep those tears at bay!

About Us

We are a private expedite service company, not affiliated with the goverment. Our fees (in addition to the goverment fees) are only for the expedite procedures. If you do not require a passport expediting service.you can do it Your self directly from the goverment and get a passport from the Us Department of state, www.travel.state.gov and avoid paying any additional service fee, it will take 4-6 Weeks, no support or communication, we do work directly with US Dept of State should you require expedited processing.

Please feel free to call us at (310) 446-4130 & (310) 446-4120 to speak directly to one of our travel consultants.

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